My Story

The simple life has been my path since birth. Growing up on a ranch in central Montana as the youngest of three boys set the tone for what my life has become. After high school, I turned to the road, traveling the great American West and the world beyond. Over the past 13 years, I’ve rarely stayed in one place longer than six months, and my job title has varied dramatically—commercial fisherman, English teacher, wildland firefighter, wilderness therapist, search-and-rescue professional. But throughout it all, I’ve always been inspired to capture photos of passionate people in their element.

My love for climbing began after breaking my back skiing in Jackson Hole. I found the movement of climbing therapeutic for both my body and mind, and soon realized that in the climbing community I had found my tribe.

Through a simple life spent chasing my passion and a desire to share my visual perspective with the world, Drew Smith Media was born. My work is an attempt to capture the raw, real, and genuine aspects of the world that continue to inspire me each and every day.

Contact: +1.406.544.0659                 @_drew_smith_