Update from the Center of the Universe: Yosemite Valley, CA / by Drew Smith

Mason Earle onsighting Crankcase (5.12+), Indian Creek, UT.

Brette Harrington on the send of Optimator (5.13-), Indian Creek, UT.

Caro North finding a rest on Big Guy (5.11-), Indian Creek, UT.

Sam Magro on Captain Hook (7a), Viñales, Cuba.

Viñales, Cuba

In Cuba locales who picked us up from a climb insisted on us joining them for rum and fried fish.

YOSAR team 2016

Dave Weintraub

Ken Kreis

Jane Jackson

Alexa Flower

Josh Huckaby and our supervisor Philip Johnson

Nicky Bunn

Jim Reynolds

Nick Sullens

Yosemite SAR team on a carry out through the mist of Vernal Falls.

58 year old Alan Carne still free climbs El Cap!

Eric Bissell on Mr. Midwest (5.13), Yosemite Valley, CA.

Keenan Takahashi hucking big on Chuck (V11)

Josie McKee exploding on the Palisades Traverse.

Lauren Levanovich beggining to quest on Border Country (5.12)

My pops telling us we are doing it right here at the SAR site.

Josie McKee charging on our Nose in a day romp!

Nick Sullens gettin a new hairdo.

Cheers to these hot summer days!

Cam King melting in the sun while we continue the miles of technical ridge traversing on the Full Palisades Traverse (VI 5.9), Sierra Nevada, CA.

Pearl Johnson going for a heal hook send.

This is how we roll.

I had the privilege of marrying Patrick Hodge and Sara Aranda on top of the Incredible Hulk, High Sierra, CA.

Eric Bissell doing what he does best, rock climbing really good! Lost Arrow Spire Direct, Yosemite Valley, CA.

Giving praise!