Is this life we live real? I feel pretty dang lucky. / by Drew Smith

Sam Hennessey rappelling after climbing Responsible Family Men WI5 and the two pitches above it possible 5.9 to the top, Hyalite Canyon, MT.

Sam Hennessey on the 2nd rock pitch above Responsible Family Men. This pitch looks pretty chill but once on it, it feels vertical and has delicate moves. Sam only managed to get two pieces of gear in 50m.

My brother Garret on the East Rosebud Plateau heading for the Chamonix Couloir after we climbed California Ice WI4. We linked the two objectives up car - car in 13.5hrs.

Garret getting ready to lead the first pitch of California Ice WI4, East Rosebud, MT.

Lindsay Fixmer on Dancing with the Hippo WI6, Cooke City, MT. Due to warm brittle conditions Lindsay didn't feel comfortable and lowered off before the ice curtain. I decided to give it a go and was pretty stoked to take it to the top leading my hardest ice climb.

Hailey Hosken on Parachute Adams V1, Madison River, MT.

Shey Kiester enjoying the open road, MT.

Amalia hard at work in her Kitchen, La Ticla, Mexico.

Ten years ago Ber and I spent 4 months traveling around Baja Mexico, we reunited for a Mainland Mexico adventure in February. Here Ber rinses off after a morning surf session, Nexpa, Mexico.

Huahua Mexico, Bra

Chilling with the boys La Ticla, Mexico.

Bud Miller following the 2nd pitch of Zack Attack WI5 5.8, Hyalite Canyon, MT.

Andy Anderson on The Good-Looking One WI5, Hyalite Canyon, MT.

Kim Hall scratching and squeezing her way up The Thrill is Gone M4, Hyalite Canyon, MT.

My brother Mic and sister in-law Emily getting reclaimed wood for some of True North Woodworks upcoming projects, Sieben Livestock, MT.

Maddie reminding me that life is pretty freakin sweet.

Andy Anderson having an impressive lead on Maple Moon WI5, Maple Canyon, Utah.

Emma Horton racing around on her skinny skis.

Shey Kiester on Responsible Family Men WI5, Hyalite Canyon, MT.

These are the times I'll remember.

Visiting old friends.

The longest job I've ever had, my favorite boss and one of my best friends... Jim.

My pops toons giving me chills.

My Mother inspiring me with her creativity and endless energy.

(Stay True)

Lindsay Fixmer on the traverse into Responsible Family Men.

Ben Hoiness showing me some gems in Montana.

I love this shit

Once again this guy Andy Anderson on Solstice WI4, Hyalite Canyon, MT.

Justin Willis going for a bold on-sight of an unclimbed unnamed line, Cooke City, MT. 

Justin Willis and Ben Hoiness searching for ice, Cooke City, MT.

Junk show