Yosemite Valley, CA and beyond: Some YOSAR life / by Drew Smith

Dave Weintraub

Bud Miller

Alix Morris

Josie McKee

Ken Kreis

Buck Yedor

Cheyne Lempe

Looking out of the back of a Chinook Helicopter. In the High Sierra of California, we searched for a lost backpacker for 4 days. The backpacker was found with two broken legs, alive after 9 days missing without food.

Dreaming on mountain tops in Alaska

Alaskan Bush Pilot

Aurora Borealis, Alaska

Buck Yedor doing some shallow water bouldering

Sasha  Digiulian on the Lost Arrow Spire Tip

Very impressive to watch, Keenan Takahashi work his 3 year project. A couple weeks after this shot he sent, Dominated V13.

REM team, (Rapid Extrication Module) on a fire in Northern Washington.

Shayna Brown has some wicked eyes and crushes, Polygrip 5.11+

Kelsey Ball, doing some picking on her porch.

Lauren Levanovich making the crux move on, "Swedin-Ringle" 5.12-

Cooper Means and Tait Anderson, enjoy the warmth of the wood-stove in Tait's Vanagon.  

Andrea McElwain, cruises the streets of, Yosemite Valley.

My brother Garret made a visit to Yosemite and I let him drive ole blue.

Joe Crawford, running around on a rainy day.

Sam Feuerborn on Tricks are for Kids 13b

Kelly Halpin feeding her chickens

Mash Alexander in his zone

Alwyne Butler and Diana Gri, hanging out making me laugh.

Buck Yedor and his cat Jim

Savannah Cummins finding her inner child and climbing trees.

Miranda Oakley on a new route, I along with Chris Kalman put up on Spring Lake Wall, Sequoia National Park, CA.

Chris Kalman and Miranda Oakley, soaking wet, climbing through the storm.

Pearle Johnson, swinging

Smokey Sunset, El Capitan

SAR family dinner

Randy Puro, sending the Seam V10

Josie McKee on the Evolution Traverse

Brette Harrington on Cosmic Debris 5.13b