Yosemite, CA: Turning dreams into reality. / by Drew Smith

Eight of us complete the Valley SAR team. The ones who I use to be terrified of are now becoming some of my closest friends. This is Bud Miller telling me how it was back in the good ole days.

Buck Yedor enjoying a cup of coffee on his porch, giving us tips on how to free climb El Capitan.

Josie Mckee scrolling through the guide book planning her next secret mission.

Alix Morris cant hide her stoke from all the climbs she wants to do.

Dave Weintraub getting sucked into the SAR site vortex

Cheyne Lempe and his wife Jessica Lempe cooking another amazing meal.

Ken Kreis leading the team while on an El Cap rescue. That completes this seasons crew.

Jim Reynolds isn't on the SAR team but is way more bad ass than all of us. 

Dani Julien, spreading her arms after taking the big pendulum swing 3000ft up El Cap, on the Porch Swing. 

Alan North, 60 years old and he's hard to keep up with.

Quarter Dome basking in the sun.

Phil Wesseler leading the pancake flake on a NIAD mission.

Its amazing to be part of such a calm and competent crew. Briefing on an El Cap SAR. 

Ken Kreis preparing anchors for a rescue.

Bud Miller cruising the wide pitch on "The Rostrum".

Dave Weintraub preparing for a big wall.

Alix Morris floating, "Afterburner 11c".

Buck Yedor working the moves on an unknown boulder problem.

Greg Loniewski stemming it out on, "The Rostrum"

Keo on, "Total Way-ist 11b"

Dave Weintraub on a rainy day, enjoying the alcove swing.

Keo and Whitney stoked on dinner.

Alix Morris focused and determined.

Josie Mckee getting ready to take the plunge.

Swapping leads with Bud Miller on, "The Great Escape"

Levi Yardleg, North Ridge, Mt. Conness.

Cant beat our schedule.

Bridalveil Falls

Billy Brown showing us how its done, climbing at The Jailhouse.

Cam King stoked!

I'll take this any day of the week