Utah, Nevada, California: Things I saw, Things I did / by Drew Smith

Caileen and Keo, Space Station, Joshua Tree, CA
Jack Cramer topping out Inti Watana-Resolution Arete, Red Rocks, NV

Jack Cramer, after climbing Touchstone Wall, Zion, UT

Jack Cramer, Wide Pitch, Shunes Buttress, Zion, UT

Jack Cramer, Splitter Pitch 6 of Shunes Buttress, Zion, UT

Rian Downs, Evening Run, UT

Jack Cramer and Savannah Cummins trying to stay warm, Mario World, UT

Max Milburn, Underworld, UT

Savannah Cummins, Evening Light

Todd Perkins, Hurricave, UT

Kris Dancs, Red Rocks, NV


Going Somewhere?

Branca Franco, Joshua Tree, CA

Branca Franco, Joshua Tree, CA

Keo, Joshua Tree, CA

Tipping the hat to Sunsets

Caileen Brandt, Joshua Tree, CA

Campfire Toons

Kind Larsen, trying to figure out whats more interesting, my big camera or the hot fire?

Rian Downs, St. George, UT

Sarah Heath, coming out of the dark, UT