North San Juan Ice/Mixed, CO: This is happening around here. / by Drew Smith

Jack Cramer, Kennedy's Gully, WI4

Rappelling Kennedy's Gully

Jack Cramer, Dukes of Hazard, WI5-6 M6

The spin drift was horrible!

Toby Grohne, Bird Brain Boulevard, WI5 M6

Toby gearing up, getting closer to the top of Bird Brain Boulevard.

Chance Traube, Senator Gulch, WI3-4

Jack Cramer, Choppo's Chimney, WI4-5

Jack Cramer on an M6? to the right of Killer Pillar and Choppo's Chimney

Lance Sullins, Skylight, WI4+ M4-5

Lance Sullins, The Ribbon, WI4