Ouray/Bozeman: Its time I study up. "Why all the focusing on happiness, when it is so clearly the suffering that forms us"-Steve House / by Drew Smith

Tucker Cunningham on "The Dribbles" WI4, Hyalite Canyon

John Sugden on some scrappy climb left of "G1" up Hyalite Canyon

My brother Garret and I sloughed through the snow most of the day to do one pitch on "Twin Falls" WI3, in Hyalite Canyon before the sun began to set. We cussed, bickered, and laughed, another great day.

Toby Grohne and I got on this wild ride

Toby following the first pitch of Bridal Veil Falls

Toby taking a proud line, leading the second pitch of Bridal Veil Falls

Good adventures are always had with Jack Cramer, this is him leading the first pitch of "Goodnight Irene" M5-6, Ouray.

This is a shot Jack got of me leading one of the chossy pitches on Goodnight Irene. Pretty sure I was shaking like Elvis right there!

This is where we bailed, we will be back for you Irene.

Mark Genito on "Feeding The Cat" WI3, Hyalite Canyon

Luke Lydiard on "Dream Team" WI4 M4/5, Ouray Ice Park

McKenzie Long on "Horsetail Falls" WI4-5, just outside of Ouray

Savannah Cummins gives Jared Drapala a catch on a dry tooling route up "Camp Bird Road", Ouray.

Unknown climber on "Silverpick Falls" WI5, Telluride