Montana: Family Lives Within / by Drew Smith

Since returning from El Potrero Chico, Mexico, life has been good. Some much needed time with family was had and now I reminisce about the love, laughter, and Montana. I didn't get photos of everyone or near enough photos to express how much they all mean to me but here are a few.

This Photo was taken up Hyalite Canyon, the two big ice formations are Twin Falls. It was fun to spend some time in Bozeman with my brother Garret and when people asked me where I was from I could say Montana and actually be in Montana.

This is my middle brother Garret leading his first ice climb, the guy is fearless.

This is my oldest brother Mic skiing some pow, he is also fearless.

One of my cousins Makahl soaking up the fluffy goodness.

Mic full speed ahead

Garret and his girlfriend Andrea at some hotsprings

My cousin Andrew outside of his house which is built around an old bus.