Cochamo Valley, Chile: Part 7, Rainy day rest days / by Drew Smith

While it rained for a week, Chance and I hung out at our La Junta base camp. We spent time with locals who lived in the valley during the summer months along with other climbers and backpackers who were in the Cochamo Valley. 

Mono and Jupi, locals who lived and worked in the valley.

This is a small shack at the La Junta camp ground used for cooking and taking refuge while the weather was bad.

Tate, going for a penguin slide during a rainy day rest day.

These are big horse flies called "Tabanos". The tabanos were around for the month of January, buzzing around your head, bitting ankles while climbing, getting stuck in your helmet, and literally driving you crazy. 

This is looking at Arco Iris from our La Junta base camp. Before reaching the top, Chance and I would peer at the wall discussing and wondering how many pitches it would be and if a dark line spotted was vegetation in a closed up crack or a classic hand crack.