Cochamo Valley, Chile: Part 5, Town Time / by Drew Smith

After spending 3 weeks in the valley, we had 12 pitches established. We weren't sure how much further we had to top out on the wall and both of us were beginning to feel a little burned out on climbing and cleaning pitches. Most of our food was up on the wall and at our main base camp at La Junta we were out of food. We decided to take a trip to Puerto Montt to purchase food for another month and also to purchase better tools for cleaning the route.   

After purchasing supplies in Puerto Montt we visited a small tourist town called Puerto Varas. We met up with our friend Elsa who lives in Cochamo, and Chance and I enjoyed doing nothing and eating.

After spending 3 days in town, we made our way back to the valley to continue our route we had started.

Part 6, Cascada to the top, soon to come